dhtmlxTabbar - AJAX powered DHTML JavaScript Tabbar componen

Hi there,

Well i am trying to work out your dhtmlxTabbar , it seems pretty gud . But i am unable to integrate the same in a JSP , it juz works fine as a html but fails for when i integrate in a web application even the html file when i browse from a webapplication it fails to load, is there anything special i need to take care of or any special coding is needed to acheive this ,appreciate if u can help me in this regards nd even send some samples integrating then same in a JSP.

I tried both the Ajax one and iframes with hrefmode as ajax and iframes , both doesnt work nd even the ajax one doesnt load the xml and gives an error in a alert dialog reading

Error Type : Load XML

Description : Incorrect XML

This happens even in the samples i have downloaded from your site.

Do provide me some inputs on this that help me integrate dhtmlxTabbar in a web application (JSP Page).