DHTMLXtabbar and Safari


I’m trying to use DHTMLXtabbar with href=iframe in Safari, the tabs themselves show up but the iframe content boxes are empty. I saw another post in this forum in the dhtmlxtree and I downloaded the “latest” dhtmlxcommon, and it exhibits the same behaviour. Is there any solution to this?



Which version of Safari you are using?
All iframe based modes works fine in Safari 3.1, please check next online samples
    dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxT … rames.html

If online samples works fine, and problem occurs only in your custom code - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed.


I’ve sort of figured out the problem, but lookign for a better solution to the problem.

for the record this is on Safari v525.17 (3.1.1) and Safari 2.0.4 (v419.3)

This is the problem: but it works on firefox/IE

using width/height as percentage rather than px, as soon as i change it to px it works in Safari… i would rather not have to calculate the screen size just for Safari…
is there anything that can be done on the code side to fix this problem?


The issue may be caused by used HTML layout, if on moment of initialization , the height and widht of tabbar has zero size - the iframes with content will be created zero size as well, and may not resize later

Basically you can try to use any fixed size for initial tabbar creation and add next comand

tabbar.enableAutoReSize(true,true); // this is equal to setting 100% as width

The code you suggested:

tabbar.enableAutoReSize(true,true); // this is equal to setting 100% as width

has no effect at all.  Any other ideas?


The problem most probably caused by used HTML layour.

Please check attached sample - it uses procent defined sizes, but it works correctly in Safari.

1211378080.zip (65.2 KB)

Thank you - issue solved. :slight_smile: