dhtmlxTabbar don't adjust width when root container is re


I use dhtmlxTabbar in my project. when I try to dynamically change the root container width, I observed that the dhtmlxTabbar don’t adjust to adapt the changed width, the dhtmlxTabbar remains the same size and surpassed the container border, where the tabbar enableAutoReSize property is set true

My sample Code is:


<img id=“WorkingImage” src="…/Imgs/loading.gif" style=“width:20px; height:20px;float:right />

var searchTabbar=new dhtmlXTabBar(“MiddleContent”,“top”);



searchTabbar.setContent(“Result” ,” SearchResult");

now I contract the MiddleoperationBar Div by dragging , I observed the the tabbar supassed the MiddleoperationBar border.

how can I get a handle on it to let the MiddleoperationBar Div always contain the dhtmlxTabbar when it is resized smaller?

Thanks in advance


Method enableAutoReSize sets onresize event listener that is called when window is resized. So, if you just change the size of the separate container, the tabbar won’t change its size automatically.

There is setSize method that allows to set new size for tabbar. You can use this method to resize tabbar when you resize its parent container: