[dhtmlxTabbar] get all tab Ids / get all tab labels

Two functions I wrote today. These should be included in the dhtmlxtabbar.js in de \codebase folder. Have fun!

/* returns all tab ids of the tabbar /

dhtmlXTabBar.prototype.getTabIds = function (){

var ti = new Array();

for (var i in this.tabsId)


    ti[ti.length] = i;


return ti;


returns all tab labels of the tabbar */

dhtmlXTabBar.prototype.getTabLabels = function (){

var ti = this.getTabIds();

var tic = ti.length;

    var tl = new Array();


for (var i=0; i<tic; i++)


    tl[i] = this.getLabel(ti[i]);


return tl;


The next version of tabbar will have built in itterator
but for now there are really no any built in methods to iterate trough tabs, so the custom methods above is the only way to accomplish related tasks.