dhtmlxTabbar loadXML getting long time in android Firefox on

I am using dthmlxTabbar. It is working fine on all browser on Desktop machine and also on devices.
But only on Firefox browser on android galaxy taking long time.

included 2 js – dhtmlxcommon.js, dhtmlxtabbar.js
NOT included js – dhtmlxtabbar_start.js

Tabbar is created using Javascript from XML.

Could you attach a demo that reproduces the problem ?

I can not create demo because it is very vast site.

When tabbar xml load directly on page it is fast (Used Normaly).
Here Tabbar xml is dynamic, loaded on grid events.
When tabbar xml is loading on grid event call – OnLoadingEnd and OnRowSelectHandler it is slow.

I did lots of R & D and spend lots of time but NO luck…

Any idea?