dhtmlxtabbar nested iframe

I got problem with nested iframe inside dhtmlxtabbar, i.e., I’m using hrefmode = iframes for the tabbar, then I have a nested iframe (iframe B) inside the iframe created by dhtmlxtabbar (iframe A).

If I set the body height of the content of iframe B to 100% and switch to another tab with HTML links, I’m not able to click on any of the links, basically it seems that there is a layer covering the content of the other tabs. This problem only happens on IE, both IE 6 and 7, but it works fine on firefox.

Is there any solution to this for IE?

Please try to add next command to tabbar initialization code

It must resolve any issues caused by overlapping content.

I’ve tried that, but that mode made it worse, the content of the iframe created by dhtmlxtabbar was not displayed at all. It only displayed blank screen.

Unfortunately problem can’t be reconstructed locally, so it hard to propose any solution.
If you can isolate problem - please send any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com )