dhtmlxTabBar resizing issues with enableAutoSize

I am having difficulties with auto sizing content areas with dhtmlxTabBar.  My real issue is happening with Internet Explorer version 7 and some 100% width tables placed in the content areas causing each click of a tab to expand the width of the content area by one pixel, however since the content of that example is quite complex (and I can’t pinpoint the actual problem area), I’ve created a sample that should be pretty simple yet highlights an issue that could be related.

The following sample uses dhtmlXCommon.js from the latest dhtmlxGrid Pro distribution, and the rest of the CSS and JS are from recent patches uploaded to this knowledge base.  Once this is rendered, every time you click on a tab, the content area gets smaller and smaller until it is unusable.  This happens only in Internet Explorer.  Firefox seems to function properly (or as I would expect).

    TabBar Resize Test
  BODY {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
  .content {
    padding: 5px;
    width: 75%;

  <div id=“db_tabbar”


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The problem caused by styles which you use, and I’m not sure is it a bug or not.
The situation is next

You have next style attached to content

  .content {
    padding: 5px;
    width: 75%;

As result content always take 3/4 of tabbar size.
For example initial tabbar has 1000px width, content take 750px, on tab change, tabbar check content size ( autosize functionality ) and detects that maximal content size is 750px, so it resize tabbar to 750px, the content immideatly shrink to 562px, on next tab change the same repeats. Tabbar think about content as fixed size container, and your percent approach confuse logic.

Also I’m not sure what sense has using autosize and autoresize functionality in same time
first resize tabbar to its content
second resize tabbar to parent container on window resizing
basically they mutual exclusive ( they can work both in same time, but it can produce different size changes, based on which size functionality fired )