dhtmlxTabBar scroll content


I try to setup a tabbar this way, because I need to “insert” HTML code generated from PHP.

<div id=“myCongressTabbar” class=“dhtmlxTabBar”

        imgpath=’ . $myConfig->installURL . 'resources/js/external/dhtmlxTabbbar/imgs/"

        style=“overflow: auto; width: 800px; height: 400px;”>

Here large html code

Here large html code

It renders OK, but it don’t show the scroll bar for the HTML content.

I look with the Inspect elemet of Firefox and I see that the overflow is set to hidden (I use the standard component not the pro):

I try to use the enableScroll method but without results.

I see that Scrollable tabbar is only for pro, but I think that this means scroll between tabs not content.


scrolls are disabled by default. Please, use showInnerScroll() method to enable them (this method is available in the latest tabbar version):

<div id=“myCongressTabbar” class=“dhtmlxTabBar” oninit=“myCongressTabbar.showInnerScroll()” …

I have used dhtmlx tab bar. The tab bar contents are dhtmlx grid populate thorough JSON data. Unable to get a scrollbar with it. I have tried with the solutions provided in forum i.e

  1. oninit=“myCongressTabbar.showInnerScroll()”
  2. tabbar.enableScroll(true);
    But unable to get the scrollbar for dhtmlx grid inside tab pan.

Any help most welcomed



We need the example of tab and grid initialization.