dhtmlxTabbar Z-index issue

Hey guys,

I bumped into a nice little issue when using tabbar component.

Indeed, in order to switch between tabs, tabbar component sorts dynamically z-index of its tabs giving to active tab a z-index of 2 and others a z-index of -1.

Thing is, when you insert a grid component into a tab and try to edit a cell which have a ‘fly-over’ editor box (like color picker editor or text editor), this editor box appears ‘under’ grid and not ‘over’ as it should.

Issue comes from putting z-index value as 2 and not 0 or ‘auto’.

For now, I modified the source code as It corrects, as far as I see, this issue.

Is there any reason that I should not modify this behavior ?

Thanks for your attention.


Yes, there is such an issue. So, your modification is correct.

The modification will be included into the next tabbar version.