dhtmlxToolbar license vs dhtmlxSuite license


I’ve noticed that dhtmlxToolbar is not under GPL license but under special free license

But, if I’ve download dhtmlxToolbar via dhtmlxSuite, all products are under GPL license including dhtmlxToolar

I’m happy to have dhtmlxToolbar with GPL license through dhtmlxSuite with GPL license but it’s strange

to keep special free license to dhtmlxToobar as a standalone product, isn’t it ?

Most dhtmlx components are dual-licensed (available under both GPL and commercial license) , but some dhtmlx components, such as Toolbar, Slider and ColorPicker, are distributed under Free license and not bounded by GPL.

Yes, but there’s no mention about this if I download dhtmlxSuite GPL.

All code included in dhtmlxSuite GPL seems to be covered by GPL only. There’s no specific license per product in dhtmlxSuite GPL.
So for the same product, depending how you download it, there’s two different licenses. For example, the specific
Free License for dhtmlxToolbar is not included in dhtmlxSuite GPL.