dhtmlxTree add more icons

Hi, I am using dhtmlxtree. I have a feature like, to add two more images near folder image in tree. One icon should be in before folder of file icon and one more should be after the folder icon. Can you suggest me please? It is very urgent for me. It will be very useful if you are giving solution ASAP.


Unfortunately such modification is not so easy.
By default tree expect to have only one image per element, so to achieve desired functionality you can try

a) use single image but with different size - you can have a single image which 3 times wider ( so it will look as 3 images ), the width of used image can be set by


b) try to modify source code, to allow many images inside tree item

dhtmlxtree.js, line 1695, next coded creates IMG tag with item image, instead of it you can try to create any SPAN container with necessary count of images inside
>>   dhtmlXTreeObject.prototype._createItem=function(acheck,itemObject,mode){
>> …
>> td12.className=“standartTreeImage”;
>> var img=this._getImg(this.timgen?itemObject.id:this.rootId);