dhtmlxTree Cancel closing edit (state 2) not working

Hello Guys,

When I’m setting an “onEdit” event function for a dhmlxTree which return a false value on state 2, it doesn’t properly cancel closing editor.

Example code :


function treeOnEdit(state,selectedItems,tree,value) {

    switch(state) {

        case 2:

return false;





return true;


It’s quite annoying, any quick fix ?

What do you mean by " it doesn’t properly cancel closing editor."
Returning false from event handler will cause value reverting to initial one. Is it works differently in your case?

As it’s said in the documentation :
state - 0 before editing started , 1 after editing started, 2 before closing, 3 after closed
Returns:for stages 0 and 2; true - confirm opening/closing, false - deny opening/closing;

I was expecting that the closing event was cancelled, that is to say, editor still active and waiting for correcting input.
If it not designed like this, how could I reproduce this behaviour ?

The issue is fixed. It will be available in the next tree version (in few days).

You can contact us at support@dhtmlx.com and we will send you the fixed version.

Latest version (2.1 90226) of dhtmlx tree doesn’t fixed this issue.
Returning false at Stage 2 stills close the editor and goes back to old value.

Any thought ?

Sorry for teh misleading infomation. There was another issue with returning false in stage 2 and it was fixed.

Unfortunately, there are no ways to stop editor closing.

But you can open the editor again if the result is not correct. For example:

if(stage==3 &&!checkResult(val)) tree.editItem(id);
return true;

Hi Alex,

         Thanks  a lot. But i want that count while retrieving the data from tree and store it into db. What should i do?

Thanks & Regards,