dhtmlxTree checkboxes by level?

How would you have checkboxes but only on one level?

Would you have to (1) enable but hide the checkboxes and then (2) for the given level find each item and show the box?


1 enableCheckBoxes(mode, hidden) - checkboxes not rendered but can be shown by showItemCheckbox

2 For each item at the given tree level call:- showItemCheckbox( ? )

To show/hide checkbox for tree item

(btw why doesnt the docExplorer list the params for the the api calls? eg showItemCheckbox(…) )

a) in case of loading from XML you can enable checkboxes in tree, but use “nocheckbox” attribute in XML. Items with such attribute will not have a checkbox.

b) you can use
for (var id in tree._idpull)
if (tree.getLevel(id)==LEVEL)

solution (b) will not work with smartXMLParsing, so it can’t be used with big trees ( if you want to show checkboxes on top level only - it can be used with smartXMLParsing )

>>why doesnt the docExplorer list the params for the the api
It shows the full list of parameters for methods included in standard edition.
Full info about methods of pro edition included in pro package ( it contains full copy of docExplorer )