DHTMLXTree Custom scroll not appear on tree expand event

Hi team,

If I have DHTMLXTree or TreeGrid with customer scroll enabled. And all nodes are for ex. collapsed.

At this point no scrolls needed and this is OK.

Then when I start opening nodes so that they expand out of the box - scroll is not appearing untill I move mouse out of the tree box and back.

If I continue expanding nodes - I have to move mouse out and back again to make scrolls to re-draw and reflech current state of the grid.

Some time ago I have found a solution described here by someone with a promise of DHTMLX support staff to fix that and include into release.
dhtmlx.com/blog/custom-scroll-f … omponents/

But seems that is not the case in Version: 4.6.1 Pro we are using. And the described solution also stopped to work.

Please help as this is a real problem for all who is using this component.

Kind regards,

I apologize for the delay with the reply.
The problem is confirmed and fixed.
Please, try to use the attached files instead of the original.
customscroll.zip (3.18 KB)