dhtmlxTree dataprocessor sample malfunction

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These images show the issues I was having with the dhtmlxTree dataprocessor. I believe there are some “refresh” errors in the samples as provided in the download.

Fig. _samples_tree_db

Shows the table samples_tree as constructed by executing the SampleDB.sql DDL

Fig. _insert_01

Shows the error that happens every time you insert a record. To get these items in the tree required a number of “Add node…” executions. The error was consistent for each insert. Some node items were amended directly in the database.

Fig. _insert_02

Shows the associated records in the table. It also shows that the GUID is not really a globally unique identifier.

Fig. _insert_03

Shows an attempt at editing the child of “Brother” node. The usual error was returned. (It would appear that the error message dialog box is modal and I had to close it to get a screen shot).

Fig. _insert_04

Shows, that despite the “Bro1 Son01” was still in bold text in the tree, its associated record in the table had been updated.

Fig. _insert_05

Shows that “Bro1 Son01” was still in bold text even though I had used the navigation keys to traverse up the tree to the parent and back down again. I had “Add node …” again and edited the “New Item” to “Bro1 Son02” . Both leaf nodes are in bold text still.

Fig. _insert_06

Shows that “Bro1 Son02” had been inserted into the table. It also shows, what I suspect, are two “New item” nodes that were created when using the navigations keys as in above.

Fig. _insert_07

Shows the tree after forcing a “refresh” / “reload” by clicking on the “Updating server datasource” in the Sample tree.

Fig. _insert_08

Shows the tree after “Delete selected row”. The deleted node is shown bold with strikethrough

Fig. _insert_10

Shows that the node has been deleted from the table. Well maybe it has if there is auto ordering of nodes.

>>Shows the error that happens every time you insert a record.

The error caused by incorrect XML response, which may be caused by some kind of server side error or incorrect server side code configuration.
You can use
to check the exact value returned by server side code.

The server side response must be a valid XML with correct action|sid|tid attributes. If structure of XML corrupted by some addiitional output - it will cause all mentioned errors.

Please check “XML loading” section of next article
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