dhtmlxTree dnd and multiselect in safari

Hello Guys,

It seems that there a little but quite annoying bug in dhmtlxTree when, in Safari (4.0.3), you’re combining multiselection and dnd.

If you test this sample : dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _grid.html, you will notice that as soon you click on a row, drag event is on. Thus, it makes a multiselection (thanks to SHIFT key) very tedious and inpredictable.

This issue happens also in current Chrome version (, but slighty differs to safari’s one.

Guess it a general webkit issue.

Any thought ?



the issue is confirmed. We’ll try to find the reason for it and send you the solution.

Please try to use attached dhtmlxcommon.js instead of original one - it must resolve the above issue.
dhtmlxcommon.zip (6.67 KB)