I noticed that there is a doCut and a doPaste method for dhtmlxTree but no doCopy or anything of that nature. I would think it quite commonly needed and useful!

Unfortunately there is no native doCopy method
But you can copy tree items by using

tree.enableMercyDrag(true); tree.moveItem(...

Hi, Stanislav!

Thanks for the answer! However, how does that integrate with the doPaste? It doesn’t seem to work for a context menu item without a lot of extra code…


There is no way to integrate such functionality with doPaste, it just allows to copy some elements.
Instead of doPaste you can use custom code which will store id of selected item in the global var, and when necessary - use above two commands to copy item.

I see. Thanks for the information! Any chance an integrated doCopy will be implemented?

I will place it inner todo list, but I can’t provide a precise estimation.

I understand. Thank you very much! Please do let me know if it is ever implemented.