dhtmlxTree DragAndDrop issue

I received exception below (Fierfox 2.x + FireBug):

“uncaught exception: Permission to read property Window.dhtmlDragAndDrop has not been given.”

This error occurs only when I’m trying to display page with dhtmlxTree in a frame under Firefox.

Page displayed in a full window doesn’t cause any exceptions (no matter which browser was used).

Page displayed in a frame throws exception, but only under Firefox. Under IE everything works fine.

Do you know what the issue is? I’m using dhtmlXTree v1.5.

Problem caused by cross domain security , it seems that you loading
document from different domains in main window and child windows -
javascript can’t operate between documents from different domains.
We have attached the file which will not throw error
in such case, but still d-n-d between such frames will not be possible.
dhtmlxcommon_frame_safe.zip (5.09 KB)