dhtmlxTree Edit items with childCalc on

Hello guys,

I think, I’ve just ran into a bug .

When editin a item of a dhtmlxTree whith child calculation on, I get this error when I quit editing :

itemNode is null thrown by _fixChildCountLabel()

When I look at code of ‘dhtmlxtree_ed.js’, I noticed that :

94 var id=this._editCell.id; this._editCell=null;


96 if (this.childCalc) this._fixChildCountLabel(this._editCell);

Shouldn’t be this :

94 var id=this._editCell.id;

95 if (this.childCalc) this._fixChildCountLabel(this._editCell);

96 this._editCell=null;

Thanks for you attention.


Thank you for the provided information.

Actually there is the bug in the dhtmlxtree_ed.js. The fix will be included into the next tree release.