dhtmlxTree findItem on page load


I am loading the tree with a JSON file: myTree.loadJSON(‘filltree.php’);
The user can create a new tree item with a PHP method. The page then reloads to show the new item in the tree and refreshes the content to show new content based on that item created. Can’t figure out how to select the newly created item in the tree. When the page reloads to show the new content and tree item, I don’t have a way to pass the level ID of the newly created item. Any ideas?

The attached image shows the tree structure. A user is on Add New List then performs some actions. The page is reloaded with new content and the tree reloads with the new item. Currently, it doesnt highlight the new item like I have in the attached image. When the page reloads, Add New List is still highlighted. findItem doesn’t work on page load. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!



You can load data with “select” property for a new item:

…{ id: “new”, “select”:“1”,…},…