dhtmlxTree in a dhtmlxLayout with enableKeyboardNavigation

Hi guys,

I’ve just noticed that when you insert a tree in a layout component (attachContent function not attachTree function), with ‘keyboard navigation’ enabled, a bug happens.

You have to have a big tree, enough to overflow your layout cell and make scrollbar appears.

If you try to select one of the bottom node, that is to say with scrollbar not in top position, by clicking on it, it correctly selects the node but the scrollbar goes back to top.

It’s very annoying, any way to quick fix this ?

Problem already fixed in latest codebase ( update and sample sent by email )

Sample tested and reproduced on my application.
Thing is, it’s only fixed if I insert my tree into layout cell with ‘attachTree’.
Whith this code, it’s still not working :




var cLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“mainLayoutBox”,“3U”,“dhx_grey”);

var cTree=new dhtmlXTreeObject(“treeBox”,“100%”,“100%”,0);

I know that ‘attachTree’ seems to be a much more reliable and fast solution but I have to keep tree into a separate ‘div’ as I have extra content and infos floating around, or over, it (loading overlay, filter options… etc).
I’m open ton any suggestions.

Thanks for your attention.

Please try to use attached js file instead of original one - it must resolve issue with unwanted auto scrolling
dhtmlxtree_kn.zip (1.79 KB)

Problem solved.
Thanks a lot.