Dhtmlxtree inside dntmltabbar - resizing issues

Hi - I have a dhtmlxtabbar with two tabs. One of the tabs has a dhtmlxtree attached to it. Both tabs attach the content from divs on the page. Sometimes one, the other or both tabs will be enabled in the tabbar.

The Problem:

When a user adds multiple items to the tree, the containing tab will not resize vertically (or horizontally) if the items in the tree exceed the height of the tab. Horizontally, if I add an item whose width is too wide for the tab, the tab does not resize.

I cannot figure out to get the resize to work. I thought I could adda scrollbar, but that doesn’t work either. The only thing that works is clicking the other tab and then clicking back to the tab with the tree resizes the tab. However since there are many situations where there will be only one tab enabled, this is not a viable workaround.



attachTree() method places tree in tabbar. But it doesn’t change tabbar size when some elements are add or deleted from the tree.

You can try to use the following method to change tabbar size and tree inside it:

document.getElementById(“a_tabbar”).style.height= width_in_px
document.getElementById(“a_tabbar”).style.width= height_in_px


Where “a_tabbar” is id of container where tabbar is initialized.