dhtmlxTree Memory Leak

I am currently using the 1.3 professional version of the dhtmlxTree component. I have encountered fairly significant issues with memory reclamation when loading a tree and then using “tree.deleteChildItems(“0”);” in order to delete the items of the tree.

More specifically, I use javascript to dynamically load and unload the tree many times during an internet session (without having to unload and reload the web page). Each time that the tree is loaded, memory is allocated and memory usage for the browser application increases. Each time that the tree is unloaded, the previously allocated memory is not de-allocated or reclaimed - memory usage for the browser application remains constant. So, over a short period of time, memory usage increases dramatically.

For my tests, I was loading tree with approximately 200 top-level nodes and approximately 100 second-level nodes. The memory increased anywhere from 4MB to 6MB each time that I unloaded and reloaded the tree.

Is there any other way of unloading the tree that would reclaim the memory usage; or, does the new version of the tree control fix this issue?


Steven Cribbs

In latest version of dhtmlxtree (1.4) memory link
- in FF nearly fixed ( there is no constant memory increasing between loads )
- in IE they fixed only partially ( garbage collector of IE don’t free some elements until page reloading ), for middle level tree it will take about ( 0.5 Mb ), but this is single depend on XML size ( main part of memory leak - xml request objects )

Oncoming version of dhtmlxTree (1.5 ) will support loading by JSON, which may solve problem for both browsers.