dhtmlxTree node text colour and select colour

Follow up to my questiion sent on this subject 30 or 31 Oct - this is extra info

I want to be able to choose (set in XML) background color and text color and then have the color change i.e. text hightlighted to show its selected (inverse the colors?). I cannot see that setItemColor can do this. And dhtmlxtree.css has set

.selectedTreeRow{ background-color : navy; color:white

1) Selecting a node in a tree hightlights the node text with a blue background and white font

2) Node selected hightlight is not seen if I set XML text uisng style background-color and color for text

3) Selecting node does result in hightlighted text if I set XML to not use style but instead use aCol for text colour and sCol for selected text colour.

Please, see the answer to this question here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … al&q=12672

I HAVE A SIMILAR QUESTION, THE link does not work anymore.
Can somebody point me in the right direction?


Try the next:
<item style=“color: red; font-weight:bold;” text=“All the Flowers Are Dying” id=“lb_1” im0=“book_titel.gif” im1=“book.gif” im2=“book_titel.gif”/>