DHTMLXTree: onOpenAllItemsDynamic (?)

I would need that kind of event to capture the end of a dynamic/asynchronic load of multiple nodes.

Is there an easy way to get it without having to go into the lib code myself?


If you are using latest version of dhtmlxtree you can use next code

       //code will be called after openAllItemsDynamic finish all loading operations

This functionality kind of experimental, so it exist only in latest build.

Sorry but I am not using the latest version :frowning:

Could you please give me the code responsible for the above mentionned event mgt, that would really spare me a lot of troubles implementing it myself :slight_smile:


The code of _loadAndOpen method, which contain necessary event attached. ( if you are using not so outdated version of tree, you can just replace existing code with it )

_loadAndOpen.zip (544 Bytes)