dhtmlxtree radiobutton

hi DHX,

I am facing trouble with the radio buttons in dhtmlxTree.

The UseCase:

having tree with different levels of nesting.

a - b,c,d

e - g,h,f

I enabled radio buttons with tree.enableRadioButtons(true);

its allowing me to check the radiobuttons level wise.

I am able to select in both a/e and one in b,c,d and one in g,h,f ie 2 radio button selection

To enable the single Radiobutton mode. I enabled tree.enableSingleRadioMode(true);

but when I reloaded the xml. its not allowing me to check any radio button. Its freezing.

We need to send a release.

Can you pls respond at the earliest.



The same sample works correctly locally.
Please be sure that you have unique ID for each item in tree.

The base init code must look as

tree=new dhtmlXTreeObject(“treeboxbox_tree”,“100%”,“100%”,0);


The enableSingleRadioMode mode force uncheckin of previously checked node on each setCheck call , so if you have any js command or multiple checked attributes in XML, it may produce non-predictable results.