DHTMLXTree: Refresh vs Save Open Items state

How come everytime I refresh a node:

(1) The subtree underneath expands itself…

(2) All open nodes underneath get closed;

(3) The node itself doesn’t refresh

Isn’t it possible to do the necessary job behind the courtains without having to scrumble all the subtree’s items states?

* Now… I see why it works the way it does, I am asking whether you agree it’s not very coherent and whether you plan to do something about it, so that the tree behaviour becomes slightly more logic in that matter;

The tree has two different methods to refresh
a) refreshItem method - fully reload branch from server, open state doesn’t maintained
b) smartRefreshItem | smartRefreshBranch methods - just update text | images of items, the opened state preserved.

So if you need to just update branch you can use smartRefreshItem instead of refreshItem - it will resolve most of mentioned issues.