Dhtmlxtree Temporary disabling Drag&Drop after dropping


I’m draging a tab from tabbar into a tree. after dragging it inside the tree i want to disable the tree from being chaned - I don’t want the user to be able to change it’s order of items (I want to Temporary disable it’s drag and drop). but when the user wants the tab to be draged again to allow it.

this is my code for the tabbar dragging:

var tabText = dhxTabbar_._tabs[_tab_id].firstChild;        
dhxTree.makeDragable(  _tab_id , function(drop_obj, source_id , target_on, target_before){                                                                                
if(dhxTree.getIndexById(item_id_) == null)
drop_obj.insertNewItem( 'root' , item_id_ , dhxTabbar_.getLabel(source_id) );                                                                            

how can this be done?

this is very very important for me…
Thank’s In Advance.

Please see the sample:


You may also disable drag-n-drop by onDrap event. If it doesn’t return true, the drag-n-drop will be cancelled.