dhtmlxTree view same tree 2 cells?

I’m using : tree = layout.cells(“a”).attachTree(“0”);

Is it possible to also view this tree in an another cell?

I want to be able say to view top in one cell and bottom

in the other (in order to drag-n-drop, reorder, delete).

I’m not using static html page so I do not have:

tree=new dhtmlXTreeObject(document.getElementById(‘treeBox’),“100%”,“100%”,0);



Hello, it isn’t possible to place two trees in one cells (at least using attachTree() method). But you can place 2E layout into the necessary cell. And then place trees in its columns:

var mainLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(…);
var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(mainLayout.cells(“a”), “2E”);
var tree1 = layout.cells(“a”).attachTree(0);

var tree2 = layout.cells(“b”).attachTree(0);

No I dont want 2 trees in 1 cell
I want 1 tree in 2 cells
ie to know if you can see 1 tree in 2 different cells
2 view of the same tree

Tree can have only one container.

You can load one xml in both trees. And they will look equal.

If you want to change one tree when the other is changed, you can use event handlers. Please, see the list of tree events in its package dhtmlxTree/docs/events.html.

Or if all changes are saved in the server, you can reload (refresh) the second tree after the changes are done in the database.

Hi, I thought that was probably the case thanks for confirming it.