I am using professional dhtmlxtree version. i am implementing dhtmlxtree in louts notes designer database.

The dhtmlxtree is working fine in FireFox 2.0 version. but it’s not working in IE6

In IE shown an Error

Error Type:LoadXML

Desc :Incorrect XML

i change the xml file MIME type text/xml…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

This my xml file code…

can u plz clarify this problem

In which way do you load a sample page where problem occurs ?

IE6 threat XML in different ways while loading from local dist and from http connection
In case of URL like
IE doesn’t parse XML correctly, component handle such situation automatically, but because of some IE limitation it will not work for non UTF-8 encoding

In case of  URL like
your XML works correctly for me.

Please be sure to use second type of URL, if it really necessary to work from local drive you can use attached version of dhtmlxCommon.js instead of original one