Dear Support Team!

A would like make tree menu without extra picture.Under firefox working fine but IE 7 made picture box without picture.

The code:

the xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?><item text=“The Mexican Caribbean” id=“The Mexican Caribbean”


text=“Guanajuato” id=“Guanajuato”/><item text=“Morelia” id=“Morelia”


text=“Jalapa” id=“Jalapa”/><item text=“The Pacific coast”

id=“The Pacific coast”><item text=“Puerto Vallarta” id=“Puerto Vallarta”

/><item text=“Huatulco” id

=“Huatulco”/><item text=“Baja California”

id=“Baja California”><item text

=“La Paz” id=“La Paz”/><item text=“Chiapas” id=“Chiapas”


Firefox don’t show blank picture box,but IE7 7.0.5730.13 yes

Thanks your help


You can use enableTreeImage method. This is special method to not show all tree icons. Try to use this method instead of tree.setStdImages("","",""):


tree.setXMLAutoLoading(“menu_xml.php?language=<?php echo $_SESSION["language"];?>”);

Thanks working fine