dhtmlxTreeGrid Combo


we have set up a treegrid with one of the columns as ‘co’ for combo. we have assigned a combo box to it but when we click on this column on the interface the combo box does not display underneath where we click - it displays at the bottom of the page (outside of the div line)

we would be grateful if you could tell us why it is doing this. Thanks

the code is as follows:



I’m unsure, but think that problem caused by absolute positioning of grid container.
Combobox calculates its position through chain of parent objects, and if any of them has absolute positioning - result will be incorrect.

Also , such situation possible if you are using old|incorrect css file, please be sure that used css file include next rule

    border:1px solid;
    border-color:black silver silver black;


this is not working. we only have 1 div, and we have tried to create a basic table. it keeps coming outside of the div, even if we set a zindex, and we have made sure that the code you gave me is in the css file correctly.

we are currently evaluating the software and want to purchase this if we can sort this issue out.

please advice again


Please, send any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed to  dhtmlx@scand.com  or attach here, because it quite impossible to solve issue without way to reconstruct it.

my fault, i made a silly error :slight_smile:

  doesnt have the same path as the other includes - i redirected and it works fine now

ooops, thanks for your help - its the little things in programming that takes always take the longest to fix!!!