dhtmlxTreeGrid complex-next drag-n-drop behavior

In complex-next behavior, if i drop an item on top of one parent item then dropped item getting added as last child of that parent item but i wanted to add that as first child instead of last child in complext-next mode when it is dropped on top of parent item… please suggest me how to achieve this behaviour

Thank you

Please, try to drop the item not on the parent row but between the parent and the first child (you will see the the black line but a pink stripe as an indicator).

Thanks for the suggestion. yes we understand the complex-next behaviour completely. But it wasn’t obvious to the user if it got added as last child when it was dropped on top of parent one, so we wanted to customize this particular behaviour alone ( adding item as first child instead of last child when it was dropped on top of parent node ) in complex-next behaviour mode. And also we noticed that dropped items in treegrid is not being highlighted / selected. Appreciate your help on to achieve this customization. Thank you

Such customization may be created. Please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com so we can provide the fix.

Please, try to add the following code:

mygrid.attachEvent("onDrop", function(sId,tId,dId,sObj,tObj,sCol,tCol){ tObj.selectRowById(sId) });