dhtmlxTreeGrid: kidsXmlFile parameter 'id' always appended w

In order to modify the url parameters for “treegrid.kidsXmlFile” at runtime, I do the following:

treeGrid.attachEvent(“onDynXLS” , function (pos,count){



return true;


When the event is called, the ‘id’ parameter is always appended with a ‘?’ in front of it. Generated URL looks like this:


When I try to add the id parameter myself (append ‘+"&id="+pos;’ to the URL), the same thing happens:


I am using dhtmlxtreegrid.js v.2.0 build 81107

Thanks for your support!

Problem confirmed ( url check occurs before event call, so it use sign actual to original url, not to the updated one )
To fix issue you can
a) contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com to receive an updated file
b) change your code to the

treeGrid.attachEvent(“onDynXLS” , function (id){ //in case of treegrid
return false;

Hey Support,

many thanks for your rapid response, your code runs like a charm!
I will ask for that updated file by tonight.

Thanks again,