DHTMLxTreeGrid: Problem Dynamically Loading XML


I am using your DHTMLxTreeGrid to load some data and I have run into a bug. When I hit the + on the second level of “xmlkids” I get a weird behavior.

Lets say, for example, that I have two items on the level described above and I click one of them, everything works fine. But when I open the second one it starts acting buggy.

I have seen it duplicate the first element of the, previously opened, element. It also tends to dis-associate the elements from the tree, to where I cannot hit the “-” and minimize it down.

Here is the XML i use in the original tree:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

U.S. Army

2nd Infantry

1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team

1st Battalion 72nd Armor





RAMBO Brigade

Fielding and Training Division

16 Cavalry Regiment

Light Track Battalion


1st Armor Training Brigade

A Fleet


SIL Division

SIL Brigade

SIL Battalion

SIL Company

SIL Test Company

Then here is XML that is dynamically loaded when the lowest-level nodes are clicked:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Vehicle: LA22023U19

Vehicle: SILLA22023U3

Once those nodes are clicked the following is an example of the XML that will load when I click the last one “V_1”:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Run #282007-10-04 11:10:50.04 minutes 27

    Run #272007-10-04 09:45:04.079 minutes 27

    Run #262007-10-03 17:14:33.00 minutes 27

    Run #252007-10-03 17:09:24.03 minutes 27

    Run #242007-10-03 16:17:55.050 minutes 27

    Run #232007-10-03 16:14:13.02 minutes 27

    Run #222007-10-03 16:08:13.04 minutes 27

    Run #212007-10-03 15:57:08.09 minutes 27

    Run #202007-10-03 15:49:30.06 minutes 27

    Run #192007-10-03 15:47:44.00 minutes 27

    Run #182007-10-03 15:43:32.02 minutes 27

    Run #162007-10-03 15:30:33.04 minutes 27

    Run #152007-10-03 15:27:57.01 minutes 27

    Run #142007-10-03 15:24:50.02 minutes 27

    Run #122007-10-03 13:36:44.00 minutes 27

    Run #112007-10-03 13:14:07.013 minutes 27

    Run #102007-10-03 13:03:06.010 minutes 27

    Run #92007-10-03 12:38:28.022 minutes 27

    Run #82007-10-03 12:32:50.04 minutes 27

Then after I click V_1, the trouble begins, and the following XML is loaded:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Run #302007-10-04 16:24:32.024 minutes 27

    Run #292007-10-04 11:16:24.012 minutes 27

    Run #1652007-09-13 08:13:20.076 minutes 27

After this, I end up having to re-load the tree, to get things back to their original state. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Each row must have unidue ID
In your case

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Run #28<c

Some rows has not ID at all , this is cause an issue