dhtmlxTreeGrid using kidsXmlFile, loads the data but does no

I am using the dhtmlxTreeGrid with dynamic loading using the kidsXmlFile setting. I have implemented a server side (JSP) to calculate and return the data to populate the branch given the supplied row id.

The population appears to work, the (+) icon changes to a (-) icon, but no child (kids) data is displayed in the treegrid. I must clikc the (-) and then click it again to then display the contents of the branch. This reclicking does not send any request to the server (presumably because the control already has the data available).

What do I need to do to get the treegrid to display the child rows immediately after the first click.

The XML being returned sets the parent attribute on the rows element correctly. The data is populated into the correct branch of the tree, it is just not displayed until I click the icon again a couple of times.

The same issue can’t be reconstructed locally.
Can it be that server side code requires a solid amout of time to generate and send data for child rows ?
Because the loading is async, the UI is not blocked while data loading, so if data generating|sending is really slow it may be possible to continue operate with grid while data not loaded yet.

Please try to use debug version of dhtmlxcommon.js and check the moment when data really loaded into grid.
    dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … tmlxcommon

I tried using the dhtmlxcommon_debug.js script and it shows that the contents of the branch are loading very quickly 100ms or less.  The dialog pops up with the contents being returned almost immediately.  I still have the same problem though.  The contents are being returned but just not displayed.  Do you have any further suggestions as to what might be causing this?

The only other possible reason of problem - incorrect or non-uniqued IDs in treeGrid.
Are you using filtering or some other complex modes in same time? ( dynamical loading in filtered state can cause incorrect results )

If problem still occurs for you - please send used js code and sample of loaded xml to support@dhtmlx.com ( also , maybe you have a some kind of demo page, where issue can be reconstructed ? )