dhtmlxTreeGrid with dhtmlxLayout

Issue #1:

I am attaching a dhtmlxTreeGrid object to a dhtmlxLayout (2U) and I am trying to use the grid’s splitAt() function, yet when I move the layout’s separator, the columns in my grid that were hidden are not displaying. When I remove the splitAt code, moving the layout’s separator shows all of the columns that were hidden. Is there some way to configure the dhtmlxTreeGrid using the splitAt function inside a dhtmlxLayout so that that all columns will display when the “splitter” is moved?

Issue #2:

Can the height of the dhtmlxLayout’s headers be changed?


Issue #1:
Grid in split must have width greater than width of its left size or it will be rendered incorrectly, if by result of layout panel resize, width of container become less than width of left part - it may result in incorrect view ( and right part columns will not be accessible in such case for sure )