hi all,
i am using dhtmlxtreegrid
in dhtmlxtreegrid if parent node selected i want all child nodes should be selected is it possible?
please help me its urgent…


You can create a “ch” columns before or after “tree” column - so it will look as “item with checkboxes”.
You can use “onCheck” event to check or uncheck all checkboxes in child rows.
To iterate over child rows in TreeGrid you can use forEachChild() method:

grid._h2.forEachChild(parent_id,function(element){ //element.id - id of child row //element.parent.id - parent id do_something_with_row(element.id); });


I’m trying to make treegrid with check box too. Added a check box column next to the treegrid column but I would like to have the same indentation like check box in dhtmlxtree. So when I expand my tree, children’s check boxes will be indented. I load my grid data through XML. Is it possible to have such layout?