dhtmlXTreeObject width is not calculated properly in IE11


We are using dhtmlxSuite v3.6 build 131108.

In our UI, we are using ‘dhtmlXTreeObject’ for displaying Template Hierarchy tree and the tree control width is not being calculated correctly in IE11.

Below is how we initialize Template Hierarchy tree control object:
templateHierarchyTree = new dhtmlXTreeObject(“treeboxbox_tree3”, “100%”, “100%”, 0);

Below is the definition of ‘treeboxbox_tree3’ division:

It looks like ‘dhtmlXTreeObject’ width is being set to 999999px in case of IE11.
As ‘100%’ tree control width was not working, we tried to replace the tree control width with some fixed value in px instead of 100%. But we had another issue that the tree control displays an additional horizontal scroll bar in IE11.

The desired behaviour for the tree control is that it should display both horizontal and vertical scroll bars in case if there is any text which overflows and it shouldn’t display horizontal bar unnecessarily if there isn’t any text which overflows.

Also please note that the tree control width works fine in IE10 but not in IE11. Please find the attached files for reference.

I tried to replicate the issue in a ready demo but it wasn’t possible because of too many dependencies on our framework.

I have created a ticket with DHTMLX [#QAH-217963] for this issue. But support has been unable to provide a solution until now. So I am posting the issue in the forum. It would be great if anyone can provide a possible solution for the problem.