dhtmlxTreeView: Pb with drag and drop over an Item


I’m using the last version of dhtmlx (standard 5.0 not pro) and I have a problem with “drag and drop over an item or a folder”.

In the online demo (dhtmlx site), everything works as expected: it’s possible to drag an item and drop this item over another item or folder.

When I try to adapt the provided demo in my environment (with a specific http server), it becomes impossible to drop something over a folder. Only reordering of items is available with drag and drop.

Do I have miss something? Is this a free functionality available with the standard distribution or is this a restricted feature for a pro version ?

Many Thanks.


There is no limitation, and there is no need for any special configuration to have a correct drag-n-drop in treeview.
If issue still occurs for you - please share the link to the page where the problem can be checked.