dhtmlxTreeView selectItem not scrolling to item position

I am evaluating the latest dhtmlxTreeView product and have the following issue.

I declare the treeview object:
myTree = new dhtmlXTreeView({parent: “TREEDIV”});

Then I load the tree and select the user requested item:
myTree.loadStruct(xmlString, function(){myTree.selectItem(node_id)});

The item gets selected successfully.
However it is not in view if it occurs further down the tree.
I would want to automatically scroll down and focus on the selected item.

Is there an equivalent to the focusItem method that is available in the older tree control (dhtmlXTreeObject)?
Or am I doing something else wrong?

The div I am using has the following declaration:

and I am using the Firefox 51.0.1 browser.

Any help appreciated.

The problem is confirmed.
A new method showItem() is created and will be included in the next dhtmlxTreeView update.