dhtmlxVault does not work using Safari on IOS8

Have you tried using any of the dhtmlxVault samples on an iPAD using safari on IOS8? It just hangs. My users use iPADS and take photos and need to upload them. I believe it is an issue with sending the data using xhr. It works using chrome on the iPAD. Is there a work-around for safari?


ios do not allow to send files via browser. you need native app for this.

Sure it does. IOS fully supports input type=file…it actually brings up the library of photos you have taken with your iphone or ipad. If you take an ipad and download chrome from the app store and go to your dhtmlxvault examples…it brings up the list and sends perfectly. Safari is the browser that has issues and after debugging it has to do with XHR sending…would you be able to look into this?

Photos work fine both in Safari and Chrome
ipad_screenshots.zip (412 KB)