dhtmlxVault: "Done" Messagge not shown


I just added dhtmlxVault to my website, and when i try to upload a file, it works properly, putting the file in the server, but it doesn’t show the “Done” message. Instead it keeps showing the gif file ‘pb_demoupload.gif’ (the one that simulates a progress bar).

Any ideas?!?

I’ve got another question, what happens when you try to upload a file with a name that is already in the server?

By the way, you’ve got really nice software!!



Please give me your page address, so I can test it. Basically, this should not happen at all. If it happens, it means some server script failed to do its job. And I need more information to be able to help you with this issue.

Duplicate file name - you should process this case in the sever script code, as your application requires. By default, the code will override the previous file.

Sorry for taking so much time to answer, but i couldn’t access the knowledge base from Google Chrome, so i tought it wasnt’ working. By the way, you should check that, now I’m accessing with Firefox and it works perfectly.

The problem I had was easily solved: I didn’t realize that I was using the progression bar php version,  instead of the simple one. Once i changed it, it statrted working right away. But i now have a different issue:
Using Google Chrome when i queue some files and try to upload them, if the files are very small, up to 50KB, after processing the first or second one, it displays the “Done” messagge ant starts uploading the next but gets hanged, and doesn’t upload that last file to the server. The weird thing is that it only happens with Google Chrome.


I can confirm the above post, but will expand to cover other webkit based browsers as well; seeings this was reported to me as occurring on a windows/safari setup and I confirmed on an xp/chrome setup. All works well in FF & IE.

Thank you for this note. We will review this case and let you know the solution.

More information: one by one selection and upload works fine for me, it is only when there is a list of files to upload that I have this issue occur. I have been able to reduce the issue by modification of the core JS file by adding a timeout into
[color = red] disregard this


dhtmlXVaultObject.prototype.uploadAllItems = function() { var flag = -1; if (this.tblListFiles != null){ if (this.tblListFiles.rows.length > 0){ for (var i = 0;i < this.tblListFiles.rows.length;i++){ if (this.tblListFiles.rows[i].attributes["isUpload"].value == "false"){ flag = i; break } }; if (flag != -1){ this.isUploadFileAll = true; var fileItemId = this.tblListFiles.rows[i].attributes["fileItemId"].value; setTimeout(this.uploadFile(fileItemId), 1500); // this.uploadFile(fileItemId) } else { if (this.isUploadFileAll) try {this.onUploadComplete(this.objToArray(this.fileList)) } catch(e) {}; this.fileList = {}; this.isUploadFileAll = false } } } };

Sorry, is your latest comment wrong? (You mentioned “disregard this”)

that is correct, the timeout as I have in the code causes errors in testing. My workaround at the moment is utilizing a function inside of my GetIdHandler script. This function is inserting a 3 second time delay when a webkit based browser is in use. This is working for smaller uploads, but I still have issues with larger uploads. When I get the time to tinker with it I am planning on doing analysis of the first upload (which always works) to determine what the time delay should be for the subsequent downloads.

Excuse me, you should check the google chrome forum instead.

here is the answer from their forum:

google.com/support/forum/p/C … 769e&hl=en