dhtmlxVault File size limits & mime type limits


I am trying to use this product in our Struts based J2EE application. One of my requirement is to limit the file size and mime type of each upload. Both these can be retrieved from Apache commons file uploader’s FileItem object. How do I implement this sort of filtering without breaking progress bar and keep users informed about omitting any file that breaks that restriction?



For the moment it will be difficult to implement this functionality. But it’s a good feature. We will work on it and release in the next build.
I will notify you in this thread when the feature is ready.

If you still want to imlpement it right now, you should extend the result object and analyse it in the client code where we expect percent. If you have a professional license, you should be able to modify the original source code. Otherwise, please wait a little bit. You may also send your questions to me by e-mail (support@dhtmlx.com) if you have some specific implementation questions.