dhtmlxVault in dhtmlxForm

How can I integrate dhtmlxVault in dhtmlxForm?
In dhtmlxForm I see only the File item type.

If you just need a file uploader in dhtmlxForm, we can send you the dev. version of the new form with file uploader (the update will be officially released in a few weeks). Please write to support [at] dhtmlx.com and refer to this post.


I’ve downloaded the developer version but I can see no example how to integrate dhtmlVault in dhtmxForms, again I only see the file item type.

Right, there is no examples with dhtmlxVault. dhtmlxSuite 3.5 includes a new built-in file uploader for dhtmlxForm. You can see the samples in the dhtmlxSuite package:


If the built-in file uploader doesn’t suits you, and you need integration with dhtmlxVault, please let me know and we’ll create a sample with dhtmlxVault for you.


I’m interested in this dhtmlXVault integration in dhtmlxForm
would it be possible to get the sample code ?

Thanks !

Hi, florianlabas
I hope this link will be helpful for you