dhtmlxVault prerequisites


I’m using the licensed copy of dhmtxVault and I faced few issues after creating the virtual directory in IIS.

Is there any prerequisites for dhmtxVault?

The issues were as follows

1. I was not able to browse the file UploadHandler.ashx from the IIS since it was throwing an error of page not found.

2. I had dot net 3.5 version on my machine.

3. I had to uninstall IIS , every instances of framework 3.5 and 2.0 from the machine.

4. I reinstalled the IIS and framework 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5.

After following the above steps the Uploadhandler.ashx started working.

The issue is in order to run the website and the dhtmlxVault at the customer end, do we need to follow the above painful steps?

Please suggest what are the prerequisites for the dhmtlxVault?

Thanks and Regards,

Unnikrishnan S.N


Usually, there are no any special requirements to run dhmtxVault on IIS. But we will retest it once again on few fresh Windows machines, and I will get back to you with our recommendations.

Thank you for your question.


Please suggest on the above question. We need this information urgently.
What all preconditions are required in a deployment project for dhtmlxVault since we are developing an installer?
Do we need to follow any sequence in which the control should be installed?
Since we are using dot net 3.5 framework, is there prerequisites?
We have the license copy of dhtmlSuite and dhtmlxVault procured by Northgate.

Thanks and Regards,
Unnikrishnan S.N


We did a few experiments to reproduce your issue. I think your mistake is that you install IIS after .Net Framework.
I tried it once and got the same error you describe. Then IIS treats .ashx files as text files, you can even check your virtual directory properties to look thru the list of executable document extensions.

To fix this, you do not need to uninstall anything, just do the following - run the “dotNetFx35setup.exe” once again and choose “repair”. It will add .Net support to IIS and all will be fine.

Kind regards,
Support Team