Dhtmlxvault: Remove link in frames-based website


I am using vault in a J2EE JSP application. The website is frames-based and as such the URL in the browser address bar does not match the name of the page where vault is being used. Therefore, the remove link (not the Clean button) that is placed next to the file name does not work and causes the application to reload to the home page. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can implement the Remove link functionality in this case.

Also, when I was looking through the JS code, I see references to “UploadControl”. Where is this defined or exist?


The issue with Clean button was fixed soem time ago, so please write a request to support@dhtmlx.com and provide your reg. number, then we can send you an update. If you want to fix it yourself - just find the “clean” button code in the JavaScript file, and replace the href="#" with href=“javascript:void(0)”, it will solve the issue.

UploadControl is the old name, it should not be used anymore, maybe in the comment? Thanks for this notice.