i had the question about when i upload the list is returned as empty, I forgot to mention I’m using spring…

Is dhtmlxvault compatible with spring? because spring wraps the request with a org.springframework.web.multipart.support.DefaultMultipartHttpServletRequest

Do not use Spring in front of this, just put this jsp without Spring.

Our app is using spring, so I’m unable to bypass spring. When the file is uploaded, we need to take some steps like updating our database, etc so I need to inject some spring beans into the controller. We can’t just not use Spring.  Can you please either provide a spring compatible jar, or release the source code for how fileupload-progress.jar is implemented? Otherwise this is unusable for us.

It will take some time to implement Spring compatible jar. So, for now, we can send you sources of the progress library. I will do it, please send us your reg.number and email address (you can do it by e-mail for privacy).