DhtmlxWindow 3.5 onClose IE problem

Hi, i am migrating to dhtmlx 3.5 pro edition and i have a problem with the onClose event on IE.
This is the example:
var win = dhxWins.createWindow(“myWin”, 0,0,200,200);
win.attachEvent(“onClose”, function(win){
return true;
After returning true an error happen on IE, on FF works fine, I test it on IE 7 and 9.
Can you help me with this please? is urgent!

Thank you.
Baglieri Gonzalo Nicolas.


please provide completed demo (including all corresponding js/css files) or direct link (better) with uncompressed sources

I attached the demo to you can reproduce that.
DEMO.zip (69.7 KB)


sorry for long response
attached is update. note, inlude sequence should be: 1) common.js, 2) container.js, 3) windows.js
u.zip (6.9 KB)