dhtmlxWindow and dhtmlxEditor

Loading an editor in a window is no problem.

But when the editor is unloaded and another url is loaded into the window, Internet Explorer gives an error, FF doesn’t.

Sample :

html, body { width:100%; height:100%; }

On page load, the window is initialized. (resizing is no problem)

When you click on the stick button, the editor is loaded into the window. (resizing is no problem)

Then click on the unstick button and some_url is loaded into the window.

Now trying to resize gives an error in IE.

Is there a solution for this error ?

It seems windows replace attached editor with new url incorrect.
Try the following code please:

w.button(“sticked”).attachEvent(“onClick”, function()


w.editor = null; // add this line
w.attachURL(“some_url”, true);




ok, problem solved.